Superior Chain, Inc.

About Us

Superior Chain was founded in 1982 on the principle of quality products delivered with on time performance. Those same two principles hold true today.

Since it's early inception, Superior Chain has served the local grower with only the finest chain products available in the marketplace today. From those early days, Superior Chain has grown to become a leading manufacturer of chain products with distribution in every major agricultural region in North America.

We utilize only the highest "state of the art" components in the production and assembly of our belted and hook chain.

Precision manufacturing with computer control assures each link will meet the demands of the most particular user. Quality control throughout each process, from forging to heat treating, is a constant operation. Heat-treating is the heart of a quality product. Each hook link is individually heat-treated and inspected.

Superior Chain's belted chain line is manufactured with the most durable products to ensure longer lasting life in the field. We look for customer satisfaction of all our belted and hook chain users.

Superior Chain serves their customers with deliveries and shipping, solution planning, consulting and custom design.

Superior is always expanding their product lines, but will always focus on their core products that have always been their mainstay in the industry. We cover all crops from nuts, oranges, watermelon, onions, potatoes, sugar beets, and any rout crop that needs to be harvested.

We supply OEM and we have dealers in your area to help. We are always continuing to expand into new markets and industries while staying true to our local customers.