Superior Chain, Inc.

Belt Chain

We utilize only the highest "state of the art" components in the production and assembly of our belted chain. The quality of the belting dictates the longevity and user satisfaction of belted chain.

- All belt is three-ply, unless different is requested.

- Available in rod diameters: 3/8", 7/17", 1/2" and 5/8".

How to measure Belt Chain


The flite link is a durable vulcanized rubber molding on a 7/16" standard rod. This maximum height is 3 1/2" tall. We also construct a durable PVC molded flite for a wide variety of sizes.

Cushion Coatings and Tubing

We offer a complete line of Coatings, Tubing and Flites to custom build each order of chain and provide a wide variety of bruise prevention coverings. They are available in 2 belt and 3 belt configurations. Each style is molded to reduce damage to your crops during harvest.

Plastisol Cushion Coating

Durable and soft, heat bonded to each link for long life, this is our most common bruise prevention coating.

Glue-on Tube

We offer everything from simple cushion tubing to special "Cell" type styles for desired bruise prevention. All glue-on coverings are bonded with industrial adhesive for long life.

C-Flex and C-Flex with Ears

C-Flex is a rubber vulcanized molding on a 7/16" link. This style is a "comma" or "c" shaped molding designed to reduce damage to crops by breaking the impact onto a conveyor. It also works well in heavy soil and muddy conditions.
The ears help to reduce crop roll back and contact with the sides on the conveyor.